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3学期 始業式

平成31年1月8日(火) 始業式を行いました。校長先生より、緑化事業についてのお話がありました。これは、PTAのご協力を得て、取り組んでいます。東灘高校が「深江のオアシス」となり、生徒が勉学に励む、よりよい環境づくりを進めていきます。


ニュージーランド海外研修 八日目



〈1年 S.O.より〉
I enjoyed today!
First I went to “sheep world”!
There are many sheeps and horses and birds!
They are so cute! I love these animals!!
And then I ate lunch. I ate 2 scopes ice cream! One scop is orange. Another scop is chocolate! This ice is yummy! I want to eat this ice once more!

I went to the “Sky tower” in afternoon!
I went up to Sky Tower. I was able to saw beautiful scenery! It remained in my mind. I want come to “Sky tower” again!!

I want everyone to go to New Zealand!

oh………I can’t put together my laggage…

ニュージーランド海外研修 七日目


〈1年 R.K.より〉
Today was a class in the morning and afternoon. Today ‘s teacher was very kind and quite exciting.
I played a game divided into teams. Laughter did not stop because everyone broke rules and ran around. l was surprised that the teacher in the class was eating a donut so it was free to that extent.
In lunch time I got a diploma, answered the questionnaire and got a present. So the lunch time was shortened and the hamburgers I requested were late for the store clerk to make so we took them home and took part in the afternoon lesson.
The afternoon teacher was so kind, I had him eat a hamburger in the classroom. After that we played 2 pairs of games and the last lesson was over.
It was very fun. When I got home, dinner was prepared and after eating after having played with children. We went shopping.

ニュージーランド海外研修 六日目


〈1年  M.K.より〉

Today we went to the museum of extracurricular lesson at NZLC.  At Lunch we all went to a fancy cafe.  It was a bit expensive, but it was delicious.  I took up challenges at museum and each work was hard.  I talked with a new Brazilian friend.
After getting home we took a walk around the house and took a lot of pictures.

ニュージーランド海外研修 五日目

26日も引き続きクリスマス休暇をホストファミリーと過ごしました。この日はBoxing Dayというイギリス連邦に属する国ならではの祝日で、ショッピングをしたり、市内を観光したりして過ごしたようです。

〈1年  S.M.より〉

Today was a wonderful day.
Today is Boxing Day.
This is a very important day for New Zealanders.
I went to the shopping mall called Sylvia Park from early in the morning.
Because this was introduced to relatives of the host family.
I bought a manuka honey .
This is 35 dollars.
This is very expensive .
Then, I went to glen field to met my friends.
We enjoyed shopping.
I had a tacos in lunch.
I have not ever eaten it.
It is so delicious.
We dissolutioned after i went to the sky tower by train and bus.
They are very cheep.
I tried to do Reverse bungee jump.
This attraction is 50 dollars.
I was scared.
But, I got the best experience.
I had realized that run out of batteries of Wi-Fi.
So,I couldn’t use the smart phone.
I listened to New Zealanders many times.
“Could you tell me how to get to bus stop.
From here to my host family ‘s house”
New Zealand ‘s people was kindness.
Every time, they teach me .I said “Thank you for the kindness “
I become to like the city.
I often talked with my friends whom i met at NZLCschool on LINE.
He is Yuki.
He is17 years old.
He is also study abroad .
He is very cool.
He teaches me a lot about New Zealand.

He said that it is important for study abroad students to experience.

l think so.

I want to cherish this word.