Date: August 21st 2016

Place: Kobe International Conference Hall

Sponsorship: WHO Health Development Research Center

Co-organizers: G7 Kobe Health Minister Meeting Promotion Council

Support: Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare

hk1              There were 9 groups of second year SGH members that joined the “~What can we do~” poster session at the “Health Care High School Summit”, in Kobe, Hyogo. It was held in the Kobe International Conference Hall, on August, 21st, 2016.

The Ministerial Relationship meeting or Ise Shima Summit Meeting was held on May 26th and 27th. The G7 Kobe Health Ministry Meeting was held on September 11th and 12th. The topics for these meeting were various problems in the health sector. The summit was held in order to foster a sense of global connection in young people in their prefectures. There were 2 groups that joined the poster session, and each gave a presentation about not only medicine, health, and welfare but also international problems and innovative technology.

hk3            The 13 schools were separated into 4 blocks and each block had to present 3 times for 20~30 minutes each time. Although our school`s SGH members did their presentations eagerly, the groups found it difficult to attract visitors to their to their posters. Some were able to catch some passersby`s attention and were able to present to them as well as answer some of their questions. The members who were able to answer the questions, some of which were difficult to answer for their level of knowledge, were well versed in their subjects.

We also exchanged opinions with fellow students who were present at the poster session. This event was seen as an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas with peers and gain real world experience.