International Exchange Project


 This is another SGH project. We have a sister school, Rossmoyne Senior High School in Western Australia and we exchangeabout 20 students every year. Both Himeji Nish and Rossmoyne students have a homestay experience and study at each other’s schools. We also send about 40 students to NY and Boston in the USA in the spring. Students are required to make presentations about their research to some university students. In the summer of 2016 We started an empowerment program where students can learn English communication skills and build self-confidence. In addition, Our students often apply for homestay programs managed by Himeji city, Hyogo prefecture, and other organizations. Through this project, students can learn various skills.

Study Trip to Australia

Since the program began in 2001, Himeji Nishi students have travelled to Australia thirteen times. The trips are for fifteen days during the summer vacation, and about twenty students participate. At first, the exchange was conducted with a school in the suburbs of Melbourne, but at present our sister school is Rossmoyne High School, which is located near the city of Perth, on the west coast of Australia. The main focus of the program is participation in regular classes, but it also includes tours of the city, and visits to local universities. During the trip, the Himeji Nishi students do a homestay with Rossmoyne students, and have the opportunity to experience another culture and hear English as a daily language.

Rossmoyne Exchange Students Coming

On August 5th, 2014, Rossmoyne Senior High School and Himeji Nishi Senior High School held a signing ceremony for our sister school agreement. We have had a sister school student exchange program with Rossmoyne since 2010. In July we send about 20 students to Rossmoyne senior high school to participate in a homestay with Rossmoyne students and their families for about two weeks. In return, about 20 Rossmoyne students visit our school and do a homestay with Himeji Nishi students and their families in December. Through this experience, both sets of students not only learn a new language, but also get to experience different cultures.

USA Study Tour

Each spring Himeji Nishi High School sends 40 students from our Super Global High School program and two teachers on a 10 day study trip to the USA. Students visit the cities of New York and Boston and participate in a variety of activities from short educational programs at MIT and Harvard to walking tours of historical areas. The trip gives students a chance to experience a different culture and new ideas firsthand and to practice using their English in real life situations.

Exchange with National Changhua Girls' Senior High School

Since 2005, Nishiko has been accepting students every other year from National Changhua Girls' Senior High School. At the welcome party, the Changhua students sing a Japanese song and perform a short skit, and then break into small groups for a cultural exchange activity with Nishiko students. Using English, students play a variety of traditional Japanese games such as Kendama, Ohajiki, Fukuwarai, and Hyakunin Isshu, introduce Himeji, and play quiz games. Through these activities, the students deepen their connection with one another.

The Aeon 1% Club

Nishiko was chosen as one of the schools to participate in the 2013 Junior and Senior High School Exchange Event sponsored by Aeon’s 1% Club. Nishiko accepted 15 exchange students from中国武漢市第6中学. Representative students from Nishiko went to Tokyo to meet the武漢 students, and visited the Prime Minister’s official residence and the Chinese Embassy together. The students came to Nishiko on the day of the Ball Games Tournament, and participated in volleyball and basketball games. After that, they enjoyed a Tea Ceremony, with several students dressing in traditional Japanese yukata. In the autumn, fifteen of our students will visit武漢市 to further develop our relationship with the school (Updated 2013).

English Workshop

Three professors from West Australia’s Ministry of Education were invited to give lectures and an English workshop was held by persons related to promoting the charms of Hyogo Prefecture’s high schools. One of the lecturers, a Japanese person working as a professional actor in Australia, talked about their experiences and extremely interesting life working in such an area. The lectures continually helped train English listening, and speaking – especially in being able to express emotion. Finally, the students presented in English posters they created related to tourist promotion plans for Himeji.