Nishiwaki High School

Nishiwaki High School is a public high school located in the center of Hyogo Prefecture. This school was founded in 1949 and currently has an enrollment of 960 students.

At this school we pride ourselves in not only developing out students’ academic ability, but we also encourage students to pursue higher education and careers in the future.

Nishiwaki High School’s Motto

Nishiwaki High School’s motto is comprised of four main principles. These are;

Standard School Curriculum

Nishiwaki High school is a Hyogo prefectural public high school. Our school’s curriculum is based on a compulsory standardized curriculum that is provided by the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education.
Each student is required to obtain a certain amount of credits depending on the academic year of each student

Additional School Curriculum

In addition to the Hyogo prefectural compulsory school curriculum, Nishiwaki High School also offers two additional high school curricula. These are (1) Science and Research Program and
(2) Home Economics Program. Through these programs students can specialize and major in specific areas of academia while preparing for their future.

Ⅰ Science and Research Program

This program caters to students who have career goals in fields such as engineering, scientific research, and science education. Within this program students are given opportunities to practice the sciences within and outside of the classroom. Examples of these are;

Ⅱ Home Economics Program

In this program students have the opportunity to take courses regarding home economics. In addition to home economics, students also study fashion, textiles, interior design and culinary arts. Students who are in this program also participate in events all year round. Examples of these are;

School Event Calendar

Extra-curricular Activities

Nishiwaki High School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs. Upon entering high school, students are encouraged to join clubs. Most students thoroughly enjoy developing skills, deepening their understanding and building friendships through club activities. At Nishiwaki High School, clubs are divided into two categories, (1) physical extracurricular and
(2) cultural extracurricular activities. These include but are not limited to;

Ⅰ Physical Extracurricular

Ⅱ Cultural Extracurricular